Brandon Inn Lobby

Over the past 31 years, Sarah & Louis Pattis have spent $2+ million in improvements and investments to the historic building and premises. With consistent maintenance done on the Inn and its property, as well as constant upgrades to furnishings and linens, The Brandon Inn is a turn-key sale. The Inn is ready to welcome guests immediately and always has advance bookings from special annual visitors. Here is a partial list of recent improvements and investments to The Brandon Inn and its surrounding property.


Brandon Inn Lobby
Brandon Inn Lobby
  • Newly constructed elevator, which meets Vermont State standards while keeping the historic 1906 Otis elevator cabin intact
  • New energy-efficient hot water system
  • New carpeting through all the hallways, stairs, and bedrooms.
  • Refurbished and painted or wallpapered the walls in the lobby, hallways, and select rooms
  • Upgrading to energy-efficient windows
  • Ongoing improvements throughout all 39 guest rooms, including replacing mattresses, duvets, bedding, towels, and drapes
  • Upgraded the internet capabilities to highest speed throughout the Inn


  • ADA compliant wheelchair ramp on the covered back entry porch
  • Resurfaced the driveway from Route 7 to the parking lot with blacktop
  • Stabilized and resurfaced the parking lot and back semi-circular driveway with sand and gravel
  • Planted a mature maple in front of the Inn and added several trees and shrubs along the river bank
  • Added covered bandstand on grounds to create a perfect backdrop for weddings, concerts, and other events